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1.0 - Purchaser of equipment 2.0 - Site address (if unadopted road, enclose details)
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Commissioning of system will normally be changed at 'engineers' current rate and expenses. Unless a figure has been previously quoted.

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When quotation is given it is subject to all terms and conditions being adhered to (see terms overleaf) and the information given on this form being accurate. If this is not completed, then at our sole discretion, we reserve the right to charge on a time and expenses basis. Normally we will allow a total allowance of 30 minutes waiting time on site for breach of terms to be rectified before implementing the above.

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Note - A minimum 14 days notice is required for commission

10.0 - Maintenance requirement 8.0 - Information required

With reference to BS5839-1:2013 section 45 it is essential that the above commissioned fire equipment is subject to periodic maintenance. The fire precaution (workplace) regulations 1997 regulation 6, also refers to maintenance as necessary to the safety of employees in case of fire.

For a free quotation, please contact our customer services on:- (01282) 717171

The system is wired in (cable type) :
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All of the equipment is on site
Our electrician will be on site
Ladders / Scaffolding / Access lifts are available
Has voltage been connected to any equipment
The installation meets BS7671
Cabling has been tested to section 38 (BS5839-1:2013)
Equipment has been connected and securely fixed
11.0 - Details of warranty

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9.0 - Minimum requirement for system commission to BS:5839
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Cause & effects specification returned with this form
"As fitted drawings" available for engineer
Zone details returned with this form
Text listing available on disk or returned to Protec
system specification available to our engineer
Design certificate
Installation certificate
Should you have any queries please ask our customer service (01282) 717171 or Technical Support (01282) 717444

I accept the terms and conditions detailed HERE, and that the above information provided is accurate

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